Georgia Syropoulo

Brief 1: Create a re-direct page for downloading the app that is clear and direct. The download page needs to have a clear CTA, and editable area code for non UK users. I decided to include selected reviews from the App Store to provide incentive that is directly app related. 

Brief 2: As part of a campaign to engage users PlanSnap offered various incentives to power users to become more involved. I wanted to create excitement by providing information surrounding what it would entail, and a strong CTA would follow to apply.

Both designs were optimised and carefully translated into mobile layouts to ensure information hierarchy and legibility could still guide the viewer through.

View live webpages here:

1. Collecting relevant insights and data
2. Detail multiple narratives across the 4 screens to highlight features and values
2. Multiple route exploration based on relevant research
3. User testing

Cargo Collective
Frogtown, Los Angeles