Georgia Syropoulo

App Onboarding
Sep 2018

The aim of updating PlanSnap on-boarding screens was to increase download to sign up rates, and emphasize with saving users’ time.

Considerations: The app needs a certain amount of data so that users can successfully create profiles, and keep their plans private

During this project, I took part in a workshop at Google Campus which involved pitching the app to a partner and having them detail how they would envision the on-boarding process. There was a lot of emphasis on saving time, avoiding lengthy on-boarding process, and user wants to take less steps.

The slides shown below are the original set of on-boarding slides. 

I outlined the key moments users choose to download the app to inform what necessary information we should include in on-boarding:

1. Respond to a plan invite
2. Start planning something
3. Wants to save an idea

UX Challenges:
Through preliminary user testing we found that the UI in the on boarding screens was too realistic, and users thought that they were able to click on the buttons and start their first plan. I decided to develop a new set of screens that used abstracted UI elements which didn't appear clickable and confuse users.

Cargo Collective
Frogtown, Los Angeles