Georgia Syropoulo

Re-designing PlanSnap App Store screens to increase conversion rates by meaningfully communicating the app's purpose.

With these screens we were featured for the first time as App of the Day in 130+ countries, and increased download conversion by 30%.

Process overview: 
1. Collate relevant insights and data of common word searches, and how the app is communicated 
2. Detail multiple narratives across the 4 screens to highlight features and values
3. Multiple route exploration, and A/B testing of 3 distinct routes.

Considerations: the screens must align with product values; succinct, transparent, impactful, collaborative, and playful

Functionality requirements: must align with App Store visual guidelines (accurate representation of UI screens and in-app experience), and correct representation of Apple UI

Timeline: the tests ran on a approximate 3 week cycle, as screens can only be updated with an app release

UX challenges
It was important to distinguish whether the best way to communicate the app with users was through either narrative based, emotion based, or feature based storyboard. I decided to explore a structure to capture key moments in the app:

1. What can we help our users achieve?
2. Feature - key moment 1 in planning process
3. Feature - key moment 2 in planning process
4. End goal - Final action in sequence to making a plan

In order to gain the most insight, each iteration had to be completely different. The first iteration was based on the hypothesis that users were looking for a more playful experience, one that alludes to different contexts in real life with characters and images.

Test 1: Playful

when this route didn’t prove successful (converting at around 11%) I decided to look back at the insights we had previously received regarding word searches, and what people were looking for when they signed up. 

the app didn’t appear in searches for ‘trip planning’ or ‘group chat’ or ‘event planning”

“It’s funny actually... I have a group of friend but they are all disorganized I am the only one who takes things seriously so I googled “events organization apps” and I found some and I picked you because of the simplistic style”

“I need that power and that level of detail, but less complexity for the invitees. Otherwise the system just doesn’t work and I have to go back to telephone calls.”

On the next iterations, based on the combination of insights and data, we adapted to more concise and practical language, and focus on a more trustworthy route.

Test 2: trustworthy

The trustworthy route increased page view to install conversions by 30%, and we continue to adapt and tweak the screens in the future, following the values on trust and security.

Below you can find the App Store preview video I created using Adobe AfterEffects. 

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Frogtown, Los Angeles